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Why should you choose AMEA Legal?

AMEA Legal is a specialised solution for Law Professionals that helps solving daily tasks. Easily track your consulting time, plan activities for yourself and your colleagues, organise documents efficiently and create invoices on the fly. AMEA Legal delivers all this and even more.

Billed time

Don't waste your time

Over the years we discovered that lawyers are losing up to 30% billable time due to ineffective time tracking and lack of proper tools for organising daily work. AMEA Legal will enable precise time tracking. Integrated time accounting will link registered time sheets with clients, matters or documents you are working with and apply agreed hourly rates to your time sheets automatically.

Matters and Documents

Take it on the road

Matters and documents that are securely stored in AMEA Legal will be accessible at any time, anywhere and on any device via secure Internet connection.

AMEA is responsive

Always with you

AMEA Legal is web-based solution. You only need a Browser and Internet connection to access your important information at any time, anywhere and on any device. It works with all modern browsers and devices including personal computers, tablets and smartphones.


Law Professionals achieve more with AMEA Legal tools

Work smarter with AMEA Legal. Plan and coordinate your team work, manage your clients, matters and related information including contracts, documents, tasks, time sheets, invoices and payments - all in one place.


Data security and system availability is our priority

AMEA Legal is hosted in secure data center provided by Amazon - the largest cloud computing company in the world. Therefore we ensure 24/7 system availability. All network traffic between you and AMEA Legal servers is secured using SSL encryption which ensure that nobody else except you will have access to your data.